A remarkable fact about the Ken Paves human extensions are that they are made with 100 percent natural hair. Under the popular brand name, Hairdo TM, the natural human hair extensions at hair shop online can be found in almost 9 natural-looking shades and versatile textures. These shades perfectly blend with the original hair and augment your natural hair volume. You may also use them to give some length to your short hairs.

Such clipping extensions retain the cuticle and remain aligned in one direction. So they look healthier and shiny like the natural hairs. These hair extensions are tagged for not being treated by any chemical. However, you may dye these extensions as per desire.

Another big advantage of these extensions is that they come in a one multi-level contoured piece. It saves you from the irritation of working with several individual wefts. The attached clips perfectly settle in the hair that nobody can detect the origin of extension. You can have long from short or short from long hair, without cutting them.

The human hair clipping extensions are easy to maintain. They are the natural hairs, so you can treat them similarly. You may use shampoo and conditioner for cleaning. The hair extensions can also be treated with heating equipments such as blow dryer, ironer and curler.