california car insurance quotesThe non-government auto insurance schemes her response all extend cover to insureds in respect of car accidents that occur within Canada, america, or on a vessel plying between your ports of those countries. However this must be read susceptible to conflict of law rules applicable to contract disputes. While there is nothing to prevent a non-resident from obtaining insurance in one of these provinces,  the insurance will be controlled by the “proper law” of the contract. This may have the effect of imposing around the contract the terms prescribed through the law of some jurisdiction other than that in which the contract is made. Because the terms of no-fault insurance are usually prescribed legally, the details of coverage, including benefit levels, may be different from those appearing within the policy. In most provinces the option of law rule applicable in these circumstances is provided by statute. In Ontario the appropriate section states: In which the subject-matter of the contract of insurance coverage is property in Ontario or an insurable interest of the person resident in Ontario, the contract of insurance, if signed, countersigned, issued or delivered in Ontario or dedicated to the mailbox in order to any carrier, messenger or agent to become delivered or handed over to the insured, his assign or agent in Ontario shall be deemed to evidence an agreement made therein, and the contract shall be construed based on the law thereof, and all moneys payable under the contract will be paid at the office of the chief officer or agent in Ontario of the insurer in lawful money of Canada. Car insurance quotes in
Thus, within an Ontario court,  Ontario law will be applied if a person of the criteria, like the insured being resident in the province, is met and the policy is signed or delivered there.

When the requirements of the section are not met, common law conflict of law rules may, theoretically, still affect bring a policy under the law of the particular jurisdiction. In other words, the correct law from the contract can always be that of Ontario, for example, even if neither the topic can be found in Ontario nor the insured resident there. However, this really is unlikely to become the situation very often since it appears the connection from the contract to the jurisdiction should be more than the truth that anything was prepared there. nKutzimerv. Allstate Insurance Co. ,  the insured would be a resident of recent Brunswick, the insurance policy was delivered in New Brunswick and also the vehicle was registered there. The insurer s office was located in Ontario and also the application for insurance was received and approval given in that province. The insured sought to recover no-fault death benefits in the level payable underneath the Ontario scheme. The court held that New Brunswick law was the correct law from the contract. In the end result, the claimant was denied Ontario benefits by the Ontario court more here.