Best waterproof mobile phone cases

There are plenty of attractive and appealing mobile phone cases. Some of them are known for their unique designs while others are so costly that not all of us can afford to buy them. Here is our list of best waterproof mobile phone cases. These are enough to cope up with the harsh and severe environments.

1. LifeProof iPhone 5S Case

If you are searching for the case with plenty of features, then this is a must to try item. It is waterproof, snow proof and dustproof. The price is somewhat high. It is fully featured and is one of the best-selling mobile phone cases of the world.

2. Merit iPhone 6 Plus Waterproof Case

It is a fabulous and well-versed case. This is waterproof. It is known for its compatibility with iPhone 6 Plus and is having extraordinary specs.

3. iPhone 6 Waterproof Case

Here is another attractive and appealing case. This is waterproof and multi-function. It is beautiful enough to make you happy.

4. Waterproof Incredible iPhone Case

It is a spectacular mobile phone case. It has been tested multiple times for its features. It is affordable and is of the best quality.

5. OneCase Waterproof Case for iPhone 6

The OneCase has presented another quality product. This case is ideal for your iPhone 6. It is known for its robotic design and waterproof body.

6. Joto Universal Waterproof Case

If you are looking for the cheaper case in terms of price then this waterproof item is right for you. It is perfect for iPhone 5, 5S, 6, 6 Plus and Samsung S4 & S5.

7. FRIEQ Universal Waterproof Case

Have this three colored case. It comes in blue, black, and pink shades. It is the 7th best waterproof case ensuring to protect your mobile.

8. Universal Waterproof iPhone Case

This has so far many positive reviews on the internet. It is known for its best quality and outstanding design. it is environment-friendly.

9. LifeProof Nuud Series Samsung Galaxy S3 Case

It is compatible with Galaxy S3. The case is known for its fabulous black color and provides complete protection to the expensive mobiles.

10. Dry Pak DP-46 Cell Phone, Waterproof Case

Dry Pak has brought forward this appealing case. It is made of soft material and is of great performance.

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