The first and the foremost benefit of this extension is that it provides you with shiny, long and thick hair instantly. Not only this, woman using this hair extension can add a number of colors to their hair temporarily without using the harmful, damaging chemicals. This extension is available in clip or in weft forms that can be used in part or in full weaves. The recent fusion technology is more useful for adding this hair extension, virgin hair weaves on to your natural hair.

These hair extensions can be styled with much ease and this is the reason behind its popularity. These can be colored, dyed, ironed, etc.You can do everything on them, which you do on your own natural hair without any fear of getting damaged. But, you are advised to visit a professional for perming or coloring them. Besides this, if you want these to last longer, you need to maintain them properly and should use a chemical-free hair care products on them. You can use heat protection sprays and herbal conditioners to enhance their lifespan.

Brazilian Remy is more expensive and the amount you incur in buying them depends on the length and volume that you want to purchase. A regular maintenance of these is necessary. You need to trim them from time to time just like you do with your genuine hair.

There are many variations in their types some are permanently waved and others are naturally curly and some are a cross between these two.
These hairs have a natural look and feel because these are retrieved from the Brazilians who sell their locks for money. You can curl them, dye them, straighten them and give them the style that you want. You will be delightfully amazed to know that these can be returned to their natural texture just by wetting them.