Back in the day, getting a cab is almost impossible, especially during rush hours. This has been a big dilemma for many commuters for a number of years, which is why lots of people are thankful to Uber and other transportation apps. Through the use these apps, Uber drivers and partners can pick up passengers whenever they get notifications that someone wishes to hire their services. Uber taxis are equipped with mobile devices and GPS maps so they can easily get to their destinations and take their passengers to their preferred locations. There is no doubt that Uber is quite popular these days, but there are other companies in the US that are rising in the field of transportation networking. Sidecar and Lyft are also paving their ways to the top, as more and more people are starting to download apps dedicated to peer-to-peer ride sharing.
Overcoming Challenges
Transportation network companies used to have problems because not all people in the US are used to receiving and making ride requests through the use of their smartphones. Despite the struggles of these companies to make themselves known to the public, they were still able to make themselves popular through active social media advertising. After Lyft, Uber and Sidecar were able to reverse the actions of the California Public Utilities Commission to stop their operations, the California became the first state to embrace such services and recognize the difference of today’s technology from the past.
Sidecar, Uber or Lyft?
It can be difficult to say which among these three stands out. Of course, people have different preferences. Some people may find Uber the best choice because it is known by more people in many countries. Some may prefer Lyft because of the positive reviews that they get from their passengers. Many are saying that Lyft drivers are warm and friendly and there are people who don’t like Sidecar because of the fact that you’d have to state your end destination. On the other hand, some people still like Sidecar because they can use Facebook to log in to the app. There are lots of reasons why people may choose one over another and it’s best to listen to what others say so you know what to expect when you get their services.