These simply change the look of a good looking person and dandruffs falling on your shoulder could make that black dress an object of ridicule. Several hair repair companies have grown up around these problems but few can guarantee long term solutions. A reputed brand of shampoo can solve your hair problems for a day or a week but not forever. These artificial compounds will eventually damage your hair in the long run so all you need is some natural solutions.

Hair problems start from the scalp which is quite a sensitive area. The scalp is the outermost layer of the skin and under it are situated the hair follicles and oil glands that secrete the natural oils for the hair. Any blockage in the hair follicles region will pose an obstruction in the flow of nutrients to the hair roots and then ultimately the hair will turn brittle. This obstruction is primarily caused by pollution, dust or even applying chemicals like colours or dye. Pollution and dust can be cleaned but it’s better to keep hair covered before stepping out of home. On the other hand applying artificial colours or dye can coat your hair which will then turn brittle due to lack of nutrient flow leading to a frizzy look. It is best not to apply colour but even if you must only use colours with natural base or try not to colour within regular intervals. Once you decoloured your hair, wholesale virgin hair give it some time, say a matter of months to recuperate, grow healthy again and then you can colour again.

But these solutions are not complete, they are only short term and soon your hair will be destroyed. A recent technique that has taken salons around the world by storm is the Brazilian Keratin method. It involves using Argan oil and the keratin mixture on the hair which will replenish the hair and leave it stronger and smoother. Another added advantage with this treatment is that you can now design your hair in a myriad of ways without getting any damage done. The treatment also goes a long way in dandruff treatment which only adds to the benefit.