Moisture and Conditioning

Just like your normal hair, your new tress needs regular and consistent levels of conditioning and moisture to avoid flaking, breaking or damage due to heat treatment or excessive styling products and gels. Often when a woman is done with her clip in or wig, she will just remove it and place it on a hair stand or wig holder, however that is not the proper way to care for your hair. Instead look to wash your hair if it has recently seen any sort of styling products, hair gels or acidic treatment products. After washing your hair, be sure to let it sit with your favorite moisturizing conditioner (one that ad moisture and balances the pH levels in your hair) for at least ten to fifteen minutes.

If you have hair extensions such as sew ins or lace closures, be sure to wash your hair regularly and let the conditioner sit as normal. Not conditioning the hair thoroughly will result in breakage and inconsistency in the appearance of your hair. If your hair is dry, then be sure to look for products that add more moisture and help to balance your hair better such as Tresemme Naturals Moisture Conditioner or Neutrogena Triple Moisture Daily Deep Conditioner.

Sometimes you can also add oil sheen to restore your Brazilian loose wave hair that has been particularly strained through application of heat, high levels or sweating or excessive styling products. However, oil sheen should be used with consideration, as too much will oversaturate your hair, making it heavy and slightly unmanageable. Instead a light coating should be applied maybe twice weekly, which will add much needed minerals and vitamins to fortify your hair and the moisture needed to properly spread the nutrients.

Heat Treatment and Maintenance

Believe it or not heat is probably the worst possible treatment you can apply to your hair. Think of it as the way your skin reacts to a low flame; it hurts does it not? Just as your real hair will singe with too much heat pressure, your new Filipino hair will do the same thing. Women are notorious for utilizing three specific items on their new tress way too often, namely the curling iron, straightening iron and blow dryer. Once in a while there will be a need for a full scale hair dryer, but these are typically not a daily occurrence. The average heat output of today’s professional blow dryer can be as high as 2,000 watts. By comparison, old halogen light bulbs put out as much as 120 watts of heat, yet would feel scalding to the touch. Curling Irons / Wands and Straightening Irons have basically the same or higher levels of heat output. Incidentally, it’s not to hard to understand why some experts suggest the damage from heat styling is irreparable.

However, any hair expert that says you should never use heat styling is beyond belief. They all agree that heat styling helps to create a strong temporary structure for your hair (sometimes these hair styles can last as long as 3 days or more if properly maintained), helps when dealing with unruly or tangled or knotted lokshair hair and in general makes hair styling and maintenance easier. As a general rule, just avoid excessive heat styling and if you must use heat styling more than 2 times a week, look to use protective products such as Carol’s Daughter Macadamia Heat Styling Hair Spray or Oribe Royal Blowout Heat Styling Spray. These will increase the resistance of your hair to heat styling by basically adding a protective layer between your hair and the styling product.