3 Bachelors is a 2012 Hindi comedy/romance movie directed by Ajai Sinha.

 This movie was released on 06 July 2012 in cinemas. Movie was originally made almost 10 years ago and was never released for unknown reasons. It was finally released on 06 July 2012 amidst lot of controversy and litigations between producers and lead actor Sharman Joshi. The film stars Sharman Joshi, Raima Sen, Riya Sen, Manoj Pahwa, Himani Shivpuri, Manish Nagpal, Master Salin, Master Kashish and Nigar Khan amongst others. Movie was released after the recent release and success of much talked about Ferrari Ki Sawaari which also had Sharman Joshi as lead actor.

Sharman Joshi, who is riding high after the success of his film Ferrari Ki Sawaari (FKS), is a very miffed man today. The reason? Well, he feels that the makers of the film 3 Bachelors are trying to encash on the success of FKS by releasing the film on July 6 this year, which is almost after 10 years of it being made! Sharman, who termed it as sheer opportunism, said that even though he has nothing against the makers of the film 3 Bachelors, the fact that they have suddenly woken up now is what is bothering him. He also added that FKS has created audiences’ goodwill and to capitalize on its success in this manner is not right. He is worried that the audience should not get an impression that this is his recent film.


3 Bachelors is the story of two young bachelors and one young at heart bachelor. Amit and Jai land into trouble for teasing two girls on the very first day of their college because of which they lose their hostel room. The story that follows shows Jai and Amit doing all the crazy things to get an accommodation and their lovers.
Two boys, Amit (Sharman Joshi) and Jai (Manish Nagpal) arrive in Mumbai to attend college and soon enough get into trouble with the principal and her two nieces, Neha (Raima Sen) and Nisha (Riya Sen). When they go house hunting, the only cheap accommodation they find is one where the broker is ready to lease it out to only married couples, thus Jai becomes Jaya, wife of Amit and their little ruse helps them acquire the accommodation. Soon enough they learn that their landlady is actually their principal and with romantic interludes not far away, her nieces arrive too. A comedy of errors is attempted and falls flat on its face, and dont blame the aged look and feel of the movie, this would have been down-right ridiculously bad a decade ago.


* Sharman Joshi
* Raima Sen
* Riya Sen
* Manoj Pahwa
* Himani Shivpuri
* Manish Nagpal
* Master Salin
* Master Kashish
* Nigar Khan

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