How to manage curly hair, has become much easier than our in our grandfathers’ time due to the wide selection of hair care products on the shelves today. Taking some simple, easy steps will make your curly mane easy to manage.

Short Curls: The best way to manage those curls if you are really tired of having a battle with them ever day is to cut them short, really short. The major benefit of this option is that you will not need to worry about the way your curls behave ever again, for as long as you keep it short.

Grow Your Curls: The opposite option to short hair is to grow your curls buy hair from china and keep them long. However it is very important, if you grow realized yours out, to make sure that you trim the ends at least every 4-6 weeks to ensure it remains healthy and neat. As your curls grow longer, you will realize that the longer the hair becomes, the tighter the curls become and the more it will pull up.

Natural Drying: The best way not to increase the frizz of your curly hair is to stay as far away from the blowdryer as you can. Comb them with your fingers or with a wide toothed comb and let Mother Nature dry your hair. In the event it is inescapable to use a blowdryer, make use of a diffuser designed for curly hair specifically. In addition, do not rub it after washing it. Rubbing causes your hair to be frizzy as well. A better way is to wring your hair slightly to get rid of the excess water.