human Virgin Hair has grown in popularity over the last six months. There are currently over 1,000,000 searchable results for videos, import companies, and how-to articles on applying or buying. lokshair wholesale virgin hair is good, When deciding to purchase Virgin hair women need to know the following things to look for.

1. The hair has to be in its natural state or its not virgin. “I’ve seen some women with obviously dyed hair extensions say they paid good money for.It means was never treated with any chemicals. Brazilian hair may contain some natural highlights but obvious blonde on brown frosting is a huge red flag,” said Michelle Lauren.

2. The hair needs to look healthy and shiny. Brazilian Virgin hair is popular because of its reputation as shiny, sleek and healthy appearance. Flat, dry, or damaged looking extensions should never be considered to be a good purchase option.

3. Buying hair out of a van or from a friend. This should be obvious but there seems to be public perception that is either hard to get or expensive to get. “While there are some companies that overly charge because Brazilian Virgin hair is in demand, the product itself is available in many stores, like my Thousand Oaks store, or online by ligament retailers. We ship out samples for $10- as would any solid company. Buying hair from the back of a van or a friend may be cheaper but there is no real way of knowing what you are buying.” said Michelle Lauren.

When considering buying, a woman needs to look for a natural taper at the end of the hair extension. There is a difference between Virgin and Common too. Common Brazilian means the hair was collected from a few sources. Although the quality is the same, the hair has been processed to correct cuticle issues from the collection and to match a curl, wave or sleek appearance.