How to Prepare for Your Ketubah Text

One of the most significant custom of the Jewish during weddings is a Ketubah. This can be closely compared to signing of contract which must be signed by the married couple in from of the witnesses or the rabbi.

The Jewish Ketubah is not only created as a symbol for weddings, it originated as something to protect the wife and the child’s life in the future. It willt ake care of the wife in a way of financial stability in case something not good happens in the future such as the marriage going through a divorce or separation.

It is important for the Ketubah to be carefully thought out besides its artwork and designs. This will really play a significant role not only in your married life but also in your wedding ceremony. Though most of the attention and focus is set on the design and artwork, it is important to remember that the Ketubah text is also as important.

The Ketubah, also known as a marriage contract, is going to be yours forever. With this being said, you must not only focus on the deign but also on the importance of what is written on it that should be what you really want to say and must be well written. Also, it must be approved by the rabbi. Before you come up with the decision to finalize your Ketubah text, it is best if you ask advice from your rabbi first.

There are lots of Ketubah that you can find online if you are trying to find one. With this, you can have hundreds of choices. Be sure to have adequate reading so that you hand an idea of what is out there. It is important to keep in mind that once you find Ketubah that you and your partner love, you must go to your rabbi who will officiate and ask for advice.

You might encounter complications in this type of contract such as finding a Ketubah that is perfect for you and your partner but the artist chose to a different text to go with it. For situations like this, the best you can do is to request the artist for the same design of the Ketubah but with the text that you want to put. However, if there is no Ketubah that you and your partner considers to use, you can always write your own. This can be seen as a bonding and intimate time between you and your partner for you will be writing this together.

When doing this, you can ask help from your rabbi to translate the text for you since the usual writing used in Ketubah is not English or any other modern, but Hebrew.

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